"A good healthcare provider treats the disease. A great healthcare provider treats the person with the disease." 

Project Overview



Person-centered care has primarily been defined at the conceptual level, with little guidance for substance use disorder and mental health disorder treatment service providers. In this mixed-method research project, we will create an actionable list of practices for treatment centers and healthcare providers to implement person-centered care. Specifically, we will create a list of practices for operationalizing each of the following eight dimensions of person-centered care:

  1. Respect for client preferences, values, and expressed needs

  2. Provision of information, education, and communication

  3. Coordination and integration of services

  4. Provision of emotional support

  5. Provision of physical comfort

  6. Involvement of family and close others

  7. Continuity and transition from care to the community

  8. Access to evidence-based care and services

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